We partner with the commercial grout restoration specialist, Grout Armor, to restore your ceramic and mineral tile floors using a proprietary color sealer that brings the original and shade back to your grout. Additionally, our Grout Armor products use slip-resistant technology, are approved by OSHA and ADA, and create a safer working environment where falls and injuries are prevented through proactive maintenance. All of our products are Green-Seal certified and are safe for your environment. Don’t overlook your grouting. Our specialists can bring the life back to your ceramic tiles.

Grout Restoration

Ceramic tiles make the ideal floor covering for many environments. They mop clean quickly and easily, and they take a lot of abuse and still look good. But while ceramic tiles may clean to a spotless appearance, the surrounding grout usually looks—and is—dirty, discolored and unsanitary.


With use of the Grout Armor process, we thoroughly clean and sanitize your grout lines. Upon application of the trademarked color-matched Grout Armor Sealer, your grout lines are guaranteed to remain impervious to stains, mold, mildew, biohazards and other contaminants for two years.