Floor innovations SPECIALTIES


We are experts in maintaining your facility’s millwork and other woodmill-produced building construction interior finishes. Our craftsmen will restore your wood-based decorative finishes, giving them a like-new appearance.


Despite the common myth, concrete is not maintenance-free.  We have a three-part formula for concrete care: Finish Impeccably + Maintain Proactively + Restore Selectively = Preserve Permanently.


Floor Innovations’ trained craftsmen will maintain and protect your natural stone investment. Although natural stone is a very durable material, there is still potential for damage. If your natural stone requires restoration, our team will make repairs that you will hardly notice, maintaining the value of your investment. Our leading products and methods promise a deeper clean and shine you won’t find anywhere else.


The original recycled flooring, also known as Terrazzo, has been around for centuries. It originated from Italian craftsmen who developed a mixture of marble scraps and waste material to make new flooring. However, today’s Terrazzo flooring has much more to offer with many color choices, a bigger selection of aggregates and more design possibilities. In many cases, Terrazzo is capable of being maintained similar to other stones.


Your tile’s surface is only part of the appearance. It’s important not to forget the space in-between. Grout is porous. Let Floor Innovations help you decide what treatment or sealer will best preserve your grout’s appearance.

High Performance Coatings & Epoxy solutions

Floor Innovations’ high-performance coatings make your surfaces easier to maintain and enhance the overall performance of your space. We can apply slip-resistant or protective coating that will enhance and increase the functionality of your flooring.


Additionally, concrete coatings and epoxy sealants are a reliable remedy for permanent stains, eye sores and corrosion. Epoxy solutions come in a variety of designs and patterns and make the concrete non-porous and stain-resistance. Coatings can be applied to both grade and non-grade surfaces; the prophylactic quality of the sealant not only has restorative effects to damaged concrete but also is a preventative measure that protects your assets from deterioration.

We specialize in restoring your hard surface interior finishes: Concrete, Terrazo, Stone, Grout, Metal and Wood. We harness SOLID technology to consummately clean and restore your hard surfaces

Concrete, vinyl, and wood have become popular choices among designers, architects and property managers for their aesthetic beauty, yet they are too often thought to be maintenance-free. Like your other architectural finishes, your concrete, metal, and wood surfaces require regular attention in order to retain appearance and functionality and prevent damage. A proactive maintenance plan will take care of all of your post-installation needs. We work with our partner SOLID to bring you the best in the market when it comes to the restoration and upkeep of your hard surfaces. Maintaining the healthy appearance of your space is fundamental to the integrity of your brand, and so we’ve built relationships with leading equipment and chemistry producers like SOLID to be able to thoroughly address all of your cosmetic finishes.

Marble, Granite, and Stone Maintenance

Regular maintenance will preserve the appearance of your marble, granite and stone surfaces. Our technicians are trained to use industry-specified equipment and top-of the-line stone maintenance products and procedures.

VCT and Resilient


VCT and Resilient Flooring are ideal surfaces for applications where carpeting and other flooring types would not be appropriate. We maintain these surfaces with manufacturer recommended high-gloss finishes and industry-approved equipment.